Spartan Stadion


Taking on a Spartan Stadion is an experience like no other. Between the history of every venue and the unique Stadion obstacles that will keep you on your toes, crossing the finish line is exhilarating and you’ll be racing where professionals play. The action-packed, makes it the perfect event for those looking to begin their Spartan journey. Easily accessible to metropolitan areas, you’ll sprint through sloping walkways, navigate winding corridors and scale up hundreds of stairs- and that’s before any of the obstacles. Spartan Elite athletes will enjoy testing their speed and agility on an exciting, fast course.

When you cross the finish line at a Spartan Stadion event, you’ll get a Spartan Stadion Finisher Shirt, a special Spartan Stadion medal and a Spartan Stadion Trifecta wedge. Complete a Stadion, Super and Beast race in one calendar year to complete the ultimate Spartan achievement, the Trifecta.